Imagine #4 (You catch Harry cheating on you)

You were on vacation at Disney World with your parents, but unfortunately, Harry couldn’t make it. He was running on a tight schedule because he was recording new songs for One Direction’s second album, how exciting! Of course you understood. Why wouldn’t you? You were so proud of the boys!

It was hard for the both of you to keep up with each other because of the whole time difference since you were in Florida and he was in Cheshire. It felt like back when 1D went on the Up All Night tour. When the sun was up where one of you was, it was down for the other. Either you’re awake while he’s sleeping or he’s awake while you’re sleeping. It just got very annoying for the two of you so you both eventually stopped trying.

It’s been five days since you’ve heard from Harry and you were starting to get depressed, not literally though! You were just missing him like any normal girlfriend would.

You thought long and hard about this and as much as you may sound selfish or what have you, you decided you’d go home two days early.

You were afraid to tell your parents because you obviously didn’t want to hurt their feelings by leaving early, but you had to see Harry more than ever right now. Luckily, your parents were very understanding and agreed with you. “Don’t worry about it hunny, we understand.” Your mom said with a reassuring smile. “Yeah, being with us for another two day would suck.” Your dad jokingly said. He always knew how to lighten up any situation.

You went off to go pack your things and head off to the airport. You were so excited since Harry had absolutely no idea you were coming home early.

You were on your way to the airport with your parents. It sucks that you’re leaving early, especially since it was your idea, but at least they understood.

You finally arrived at the airport. You got your luggage checked out, your boarding pass all set, now to say goodbye to your parents. “Bye mom, bye dad.” You said one by one giving them each a kiss on the cheek and a hug. “I’m going to miss you guys so much! I promise to call you when I get back when I’m all settled in.” Both you and your parents are American, which is why you’ll miss them because they live in Florida while you live in Cheshire with Harry. “Don’t miss us too much baby. We’ll visit you two in the near future. Let Harry know we said hello. I love you so much sweetheart.” Your dad gave you one last hug before you boarded the plane. “I love you guys more!” You blew them a kiss and gave them a wave goodbye.

As much as it hurt to say goodbye to your parents, you were just glad you’d be back home in Cheshire, where you can lay comfortably in Harry’s arm. The flight would be a long one so you slept as much as you could on the airplane.

You finally arrived in Holmes Chapel. So excited to be back home. Even though you didn’t grow up there, you felt like you fit in just perfectly.

It was 3am when you arrived. You were a bit disappointed because you wanted Harry to be awake, but you didn’t let it bother you. You were just happy to be home.

You claimed your luggage and got into a cab so it could bring you home. You texted your parents that you landed safely. While on your way home, you decided that you’d go crazy and jump on the bed while Harry was sleeping. You know, it’s just one of the best ways to wake someone up.

You finally pulled up into your driveway, but when you got there, you found a car you have never seen before parked.Confused, you paid the cab driver and quickly grabbed your luggage and exited the car.

You looked at the car in bewilderment. The first assumption that came to your mind was that Harry was cheating on you and it’s a girl’s car, but you didn’t want to believe it. But then you wondered, “Maybe it’s one of the boys cars? They’re always up drinking late anyways.” Going with the second assumption was the most comforting one.

You opened your front door, making sure not to make any sudden noises, you know just incase he was cheating on you, you can catch him by surprise. “No, y/n, he isn’t cheating on you.” You quickly shook the thought away.

There were no signs that the boys were over. It was pretty quiet on the first floor. That was a bad sign. Your first assumption started filling up your mind.

You quietly made your way up to your bedroom. As you were approaching your bedroom door, you heard a women moaning. “Okay, maybe Harry’s watching porn.” Silly, but you had any excuse to think Harry was alone. All of a sudden you heard, “Ooooh, Harry!” Okay, now you had every reason to think a bitch was with Harry.

You barged open the door and the expression on Harry’s face let you know that he was definitely surprised. This was so much better than jumping on the bed to wake him up.

"What the fuck is going on?!" You went to turn the lights on. You couldn’t believe it. He was on top of his ex girlfriend Caroline fucking Flack!

You two never hit it off so well. As a normal ex girlfriend would react to the new current girlfriend, there were major jealousy going on. You don’t like her, she doesn’t like you. Simple as that. There were times where all you wanted to do was attack the living crap out of her and right now was differently one of those times, but what’s the whole point of fighting over Harry? You have him, well that’s what you thought. At this point you didn’t care, Caroline can have him all she wants.

Harry gets off from riding the Flack train.and quickly gets himself dressed, while the bitch herself just sits there and smiles. “Can you fucking leave?!” You yell at her,pointing to the door. “Bye Harry.” She winks and blows him a kiss. Oh the things I will do to hurt this women!

"Babe … I-I don’t know what to say. I’m sorry …" Harry was done getting dressed now and was awkwardly standing there looking like a damn fool. You weren’t surprised that Harry didn’t have an excuse, you were actually glad he didn’t. You didn’t feel like arguing with him, you just wanted to get the hell out of there.

You looked at him, his face was full of sorrow and sadness. You didn’t give into his bullshit though. You simply walked to your closet, grabbed your luggage, and packed as many clothing item and other essentials as you possibly could. “Babe, I’m sorry! Please don’t leave me!” Harry followed you to the closet. You were already tired from the flight, you didn’t want to waste your time and breath arguing with him. “Arguing with you won’t make what just happened any better! You cheated on me! That’s it, that’s final! I’m done and please don’t try to stop me.” You continued to pack your things. “How could someone who I’m madly and deeply in love with just carelessly cheat on me like that?” Tears were now streaming down your face.

You grabbed your luggage and got out of the house as fast as you could. You could hear Harry’s footsteps behind you. “Y/N! Please just stop and hear me out!” You quickly got into your car and jetted off. You didn’t look back. For what? Just to cave in and run in his arms and forgive him? Not even in another life.

You couldn’t help but just hysterically cry. “How could he do this to me?” was all you kept repeating over and over in your head. “I was never good enough for him. I’m not good enough for anybody.” You were blaming yourself now. You felt stupid.

Driving in the type of condition you were in was not safe at all because next thing you know, you ran a red light, crashing straight into another car that was coming from the other side. With a blink of an eye, everything went black …

You didn’t know this because you were unconscious and out cold, but you were now in the hospital. You were in the state of possibly being in a coma, but you really weren’t.

Harry had gotten a call that you were in an accident and was hospitalized. As soon as he got the call he rushed his way there.
” Y/N Y/L/N” He said with a shaken voice. “She’s in room 460 dear.” The lady gave him a sympathetic smile. He ran his way to the room after thanking her.

He found your room with easy luck and the first thing he saw broke his heart into a million little pieces. His teary eyes caught you, laying there, fragile, with so many different wires and needles hooked in you. He slowly walked to your side and took your hands in his. He stayed like that for a while, crying, just taking everything all in. The only noise he heard was coming from the heart monitor which gave him some hope.

"I-I’m so sorry y/n!" He was historically crying now. "I should be in your position right now. You don’t deserve this, I do!" He was crying into your hands. "Wake up, please, that’s all I need you to do is to wake up …" Next thing you know, the heart monitor goes silent. Harry looks at the screen and what he saw made his heart drop 1000 feet below …

There was nothing but a thin red line.

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